Area Codes for Surat and Nearby Locations

The area code used in the Surat metropolitan area is: 261. Area codes for other locations near Surat, Gujarat are shown below.

In India, area codes are often called STD codes -- STD stands for 'subscriber trunk dialing'. To make things more confusing, they are also called SDCA codes. SDCA stands for 'short distance charging area'. So this means that in India:

area code = STD code = SDCA code

Surat STD / area code

In India, area codes / STD codes are used somewhat differently than in other parts of the world in the sense that the physical area and/or population that they cover is often quite small. There is an historical reason for this that relates to an early technology limitation that now no longer exists.

Nevertheless, this old area code numbering scheme has stuck and as a result, India has hundreds and hundreds of STD codes -- many, many more than most countries.

Another somewhat unusual thing is that area codes / STD codes are used only for landline phone numbers in India. Mobile phone numbers in India do not utilize area codes. Instead, the mobile prefixes '9x' and '8x' are used for all mobile numbers regardless of where the subscriber is based.

This means that the listed Surat area codes are only applicable to India landline phone numbers.

To make an inbound international call (or domestic long distance call) to a Surat landline phone, you need to dial a 3-digit area code, along with a 7-digit local subscriber number - 10-digits total.

If you are calling a Surat mobile phone number, you should not use this area code. Click here for further details on dialing a Surat mobile phone number - and for information on how to tell a landline number from a mobile number.

Click for more on dialing a Surat landline number.

STD Codes / Area Codes for the Surat, India Area

Surat is located in the Gujarat telecom circle. The following table lists the STD codes for all locations in the GJ telecom circle. more on India telecom circles >>>>

In the table, 'LDCA' and 'SDCA' refer to 'long distance charging area' and 'short distance charging area', respectively. Generally speaking, SDCAs correspond roughly to towns. LDCAs are larger and correspond roughly to counties or districts. LDCAs contain multiple SDCAs.

STD Codes for Surat and Other Locations
in the Gujarat Telecom Circle

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LDCAsort iconSDCASTD Code
Ahmedabad Ahemdabad Local 79
Ahmedabad Bareja 2718
Ahmedabad Barwala 2711
Ahmedabad Dehgam 2716
Ahmedabad Dhandhuka 2713
Ahmedabad Dholka 2714
Ahmedabad Gandhi Nagar 2712
Ahmedabad Sanand 2717
Ahmedabad Viramgam 2715
Amreli Amreli 2792
Amreli Babra 2791
Amreli Damnagar 2793
Amreli Dhari 2797
Amreli Kunkawav 2796
Amreli Rajula 2794
Amreli Savarkundla 2845
Bharuch Amod 2641
Bharuch Ankleshwar 2646
Bharuch Bharuch 2642
Bharuch Dediapada 2649
Bharuch Jambusar 2644
Bharuch Jhagadia 2645
Bharuch Rajpipla 2640
Bharuch Valia 2643
Bhavnagar Bhavnagar 278
Bhavnagar Botad 2849
Bhavnagar Gadhada 2847
Bhavnagar Gariadhar 2843
Bhavnagar Mahuva 2844
Bhavnagar Palitana 2848
Bhavnagar Sihor 2846
Bhavnagar Talaja 2842
Bhavnagar Vallabhipur 2841
Bhuj Anjar (Gandhidham) 2836
Bhuj Bhachav 2837
Bhuj Bhuj 2832
Bhuj Gogodar 2806
Bhuj Khavda 2803
Bhuj Kutchmandvi 2834
Bhuj Lakhpat 2839
Bhuj Mundra 2838
Bhuj Nakhatrana 2835
Bhuj Nalia 2831
Bhuj Rahpar 2830
Bhuj Sumrasar 2808
Godhra Dahod 2673
Godhra Devgadhbaria 2678
Godhra Godhra 2672
Godhra Halol 2676
Godhra Jhalod 2679
Godhra Limkheda 2677
Godhra Lunavada 2674
Godhra Santrampur 2675
Godhra Shehra 2670
Himatnagar Bayad 2779
Himatnagar Bhiloda 2771
Himatnagar Himatnagar 2772
Himatnagar Idar 2778
Himatnagar Khedbrahma 2775
Himatnagar Malpur 2773
Himatnagar Modasa 2774
Himatnagar Prantij 2770
Jamnagar Bhanvad 2896
Jamnagar Dhrol 2897
Jamnagar Jamjodhpur 2898
Jamnagar Jamkalyanpur 2891
Jamnagar Jamnagar 288
Jamnagar Jodia 2893
Jamnagar Kalawad 2894
Jamnagar Khambhalia 2833
Jamnagar Lalpur 2895
Jamnagar Okha 2892
Junagarh Junagarh 285
Junagarh Keshod 2871
Junagarh Kodinar 2795
Junagarh Kutiyana 2804
Junagarh Malia-Hatina 2870
Junagarh Manavadar 2874
Junagarh Mangrol 2878
Junagarh Porbander 286
Junagarh Ranavav 2801
Junagarh Talala 2877
Junagarh Una-Diu 2875
Junagarh Vanthali 2872
Junagarh Veraval 2876
Junagarh Visavadar 2873
Mehsana Chanasma 2734
Mehsana Harij 2733
Mehsana Kalol 2764
Mehsana Kheralu 2761
Mehsana Mehsana 2762
Mehsana Patan 2766
Mehsana Sidhpur 2767
Mehsana Vijapur 2763
Mehsana Visnagar 2765
Nadiad Anand 2692
Nadiad Balasinor 2690
Nadiad Borsad 2696
Nadiad Kapad Wanj 2691
Nadiad Khambat 2698
Nadiad Kheda 2694
Nadiad Nadiad 268
Nadiad Retlad 2697
Nadiad Thasra 2699
Palanpur Danta 2749
Palanpur Deesa 2744
Palanpur Deodar 2735
Palanpur Dhanera 2748
Palanpur Palanpur 2742
Palanpur Radhanpur 2746
Palanpur Santalpur 2738
Palanpur Thara 2747
Palanpur Tharad 2737
Palanpur Vadgam 2739
Palanpur Vav 2740
Rajkot Dhoraji 2824
Rajkot Gondal 2825
Rajkot Jasdan 2821
Rajkot Jetpur 2823
Rajkot Kotdasanghani 2827
Rajkot Maliya Miyana 2829
Rajkot Morvi 2822
Rajkot Paddhari 2820
Rajkot Rajkot 281
Rajkot Upleta 2826
Rajkot Wankaner 2828
Surat Bardoli 2622
Surat Fortsongadh 2624
Surat M.M.Mangrol 2629
Surat Mandvi 2623
Surat Nizar 2628
Surat Sayan 2621
Surat Surat 261
Surat Valod 2625
Surat Vyara 2626
Surendranagar Chotila 2751
Surendranagar Dasada 2757
Surendranagar Dhrangadhra 2754
Surendranagar Halvad 2758
Surendranagar Lakhtar 2759
Surendranagar Limbdi 2753
Surendranagar Muli 2756
Surendranagar Sayla 2755
Surendranagar Surendranagar 2752
Vadodara Chhota Udaipur 2669
Vadodara Dabhoi 2663
Vadodara Miyagam 2666
Vadodara Naswadi 2661
Vadodara Padra 2662
Vadodara Pavijetpur 2664
Vadodara Sankheda 2665
Vadodara Savli 2667
Vadodara Vadodara 265
Vadodara Waghodia 2668
Valsad Ahwa 2631
Valsad Bansada 2630
Valsad Billimora 2634
Valsad Dharampur 2633
Valsad Navsari 2637
Valsad Valsad 2632
Valsad Vapi 260

Phone Number Formatting Guidelines

For dialing purposes, please take note of the following:

  • For areas with 2-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with 2-digit area codes are 8-digits long (10-digits total).
  • For areas with 3-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with a 3-digit area codes are 7-digits long (10-digits total).
  • For areas with 4-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with 4-digit area codes are 6-digits long (10-digits total).

In all cases, these numbering rules allow the final complete phone number to conform to the required 10-digit telephone number format that is standard throughout India for landline phones.

Mobile phones are also currently 10-digits long, but STD codes do not apply to them.

Please check India's official National Numbering Plan (large pdf) for a complete list of India area codes / SDCA codes.

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In some cases, area codes may be referred to as city codes. However, a 'city code' more correctly refers to the codes used for airports and other geographic designations under the UN's UN/LOCODE system and/or the IATA airport coding system. The city code for Surat is STV.

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